Why Is My Cash Card Disabled-Why Is My Cash Card Disabled Today

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There can be many reasons for cash cards becoming inactive. Because your cash card is linked to your bank. Due to this if there is any unusual transaction activity in your account then your cash card may get Disabled. And there can be some other reasons for cash cards becoming inactive. Let us know about these reasons.
Why Is My Cash Card Disabled-Why Is My Cash Card Disabled Today

1. Unusual Transactions

Some transactions are considered fraud in the eyes of the bank, due to which the bank disables your card
I am sharing some examples with you:

Sudden Transactions:

If suddenly big transactions start happening through your cash card, then the bank considers it as fraud.

Multiple Transactions:

Due to multiple large transactions from a single location, the bank detects fraud in your activity and may deactivate your card.

Wrong PIN:

‌ If you enter the wrong cash card PIN multiple times, your cash card may become inactive.

2. Bank Technical Issues

Your Cash Card may also be temporarily disabled due to technical issues with the bank. Because it is often seen that the bank has access to the data of many users, due to which the bank's server gets damaged. Due to this the bank is not able to verify your transaction and may disable the card temporarily.
Some reasons why the card may be temporarily disabled.

Bank System Glitch Bug:

Due to a system glitch in the bank, the bank is not able to fully verify your transaction. Your transaction may not be verified which may result in your card being temporarily disabled.

Bank Server Down/Network Problems:

There may be a problem with the bank's server if the server goes down, or there is a network problem, due to which if your transaction is not verified then your card may be temporarily disabled.

Due To Update:

The bank keeps updating its software with time. So that users can benefit.
If during a software update, a transaction is made on your Cash Card and the transaction is not verified with the bank, your card may be temporarily disabled.

3. Loss of cash card

Due to the loss of your cash card, the bank can disable your card. If your cash card is lost or stolen then it is a big problem.
Therefore, please contact your bank. And get your card blocked so that no one can misuse it.
Follow in steps.

1. Contact Your Bank:

You may contact your bank by calling its customer care number.

2. Get Your Card Blocked

To get your card blocked by your bank, tell them your problem like your card is lost or stolen.

3. Verify Your Identity Account

The bank will verify your identity by asking you to provide personal information like your name and address so that the bank can confirm that you are the owner of the card.

4. Apply For A New Card

Get your card blocked, and apply for your new card, for which you will have to provide whatever information and details the bank asks from you.

4. Card Expired

Like any item we buy, it also has an expiry date. So that the item can be used till its expiry date. Similarly, cash card also has an expiry date. The card can be used only for a specified period. If your card expires your card becomes disabled.
Card expiry date and how to get a new card

Know Card Expiry:

If you also use a cash card and it has been a long time since you used your cash card. Therefore you should be aware of the expiry date of your cash card. For this, the month and year of expiry are written on the front of the cash card, which shows when your card will expire.

5. Do Not Use Cash Card

If there is no transaction from your cash card for a long time and you do not use your cash card, then as per the bank's policy the bank can disable your card.
Some Reasons For This.

Disabled Your Cash Card:

If you do not use your cash card for a long time, if no transactions are made from your card, the bank may disable it.

Reminder Message Alert:

The bank sends reminder messages to keep your account and cash card active, alerting you that the cardholder is keeping his account active.

Check Notification:

Your bank may send you a notification to deactivate your card. You may receive a notification via message stating the reason for disabling your Cash Card.
If your cash card has also been disabled then how can you activate it?

How to activate my disabled cash card?

How To Activate My Disabled Cash Card

1. Contact Your Bank:

You have to contact your bank to activate your cash card, you can also contact the customer care number of the bank online and by calling.

2. Explain Your Problems:

Share your problem with the bank, and tell them that your cash card has been deactivated or lost.

3. The Bank Will Help You.

The bank will assist with how to activate your card, and what steps to follow to get the card.

4. Go To The Bank

The process may not be online, so you will have to manually process your card by visiting the bank.

5. Submit Documents

You will get all the information from the bank about what documents you need to submit to activate your new card and disabled card. You have to follow the steps given by the bank.

6. Verify Your Identity Verification

If your Cash Card is disabled and temporarily disabled because it requires identity verification to activate, you must activate your card by completing your identity verification.


These are all how a cash card can become inactive due to which the cash card can become inactive.
If your cash card has also been disabled, then I have discussed how you can activate your card in the above article, after reading which you can get answers to your questions.


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