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IATI, (International Assistance and Travel Insurance) is an international Spanish company. IATI Insurance Company also provides different travel insurance to its customers, in which traveler customers can easily continue their journey without any problem. So that their customers do not have to face any kind of problems during the journey. This company provides coverage for problems like risk and medical.

Let us know what coverage does IATI Travel Insurance Company provide?

Iati Travel Insurance

1. Medical Coverage

IATI Travel Insurance Company provides your medical coverage in case of medical incidents that occur during your travel. Various medical events may occur, such as injury, other medical problems, etc.
What services does IATI Travel Insurance Company provide you if you suffer from medical issues?

Emergency Treatment:

If you are going on a trip abroad and you face any medical problem or become a victim of any medical problem, then in such a situation you are given emergency medical treatment.

Medical Evacuation:

IATI Travel Insurance also provides medical clearance. Air ambulance, helicopter, emergency flights, all these facilities are available to the customers.
Medical evacuation is only done when the patient is very serious and is not receiving proper medical care.

Medical Repatriation:

Medical repatriation means when a person dies due to some reason in another country and is in an emergency situation. If this person is not able to get better treatment in another country, then this coverage helps in bringing that person to his country for treatment.

Hospital Allowance:

Daily allowance coverage is provided by IATI Travel Insurance Company to its travelers.
But this coverage is available for passengers who are hospitalized in case of emergency.
And this allowance is given to the passenger every day. Yes, And this allowance is given to the passenger every day. Yes, of course, the amount of this allowance is given as per the limit amount mentioned in the policy. The fact that travel insurance offers different coverage limits for hospital daily allowance is another reason for its need.
This program is available as long as the passenger is hospitalized. The passenger can use this bonus for food and other needs as per his wish.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions:

Pre-excusing a medical condition means informing the insurance company about your medical condition. Because while taking the policy, the insurance company asks you about any serious medical condition, for this, it can make you fill out a form in which you will have to give all the information about your medical condition

There can be different types of medical conditions.

  • ‌Heart Conditions
  • ‌Arthritis
  • ‌Past Surgeries
  • ‌Ongoing Treatments
  • ‌High Blood Pressure
Whenever you take any travel insurance, please inform the company honestly about your medical condition.
Yes, it is very important because if you hide anything about your pre-existing medical condition from your travel insurance company and you file a claim after any incident then the insurance company rejects your claim.

2. Cancellation And Fragmentation Of Travel

If you have to cancel your trip for any reason. If any problem occurs during your trip, such as a natural problem or earthquake, etc., your trip may get canceled. In such a situation, this insurance provides you financial security.
Let us know more about it.

Trip Cancellation Coverage:

There can be various reasons for the cancellation of the journey. Due to this, you may have to cancel your travel trip.
  • ‌Injury
  • ‌Natural Disasters
  • ‌Family Emergency
  • ‌Sudden Illness
If such a problem occurs, you may be eligible for cancellation coverage.

Reimbursement Process:

The reimbursement process is sending a claim in travel insurance policies and getting the reimbursement or financial compensation when the travelers have a financial loss or they face an emergency due to a covered event while or before the trip. This process usually complies with the steps and guidelines that the insurance provider has set.

Talking To The Insurance Company:

if you experience a covered event or loss, the first thing you should do is to inform the insurance provider of the loss. Most insurance companies provide call service for their customer service and claims departments. Therefore, you can give them the exact date of the event and complete information about the event.

Submit Claim Form:

You may need to provide documents that will be used to support your insurance claim and which you must submit to the company. You must be aware in your policy what documents and regulations will be considered for the claim and what rules you have to follow to get the claim. The claim procedure is likewise different for every company.

Claim Evaluation:

The insurance company will examine the documents sent and check if the claim is real or not and the person is allowed to make the claim. This process entails the corporation to scrutinize the details provided and to assess the worth of the claim.

Decision and Communication:

The insurance company will inform you of its decision after the claim has been evaluated. When your claim is accepted, you will be informed of the refund amount and ways of payment. If your claim is denied, you will be informed of the reason and the next measures you should take.

Baggage And Personal Belongings

This coverage is very important as it can be very beneficial for any traveler.
If a passenger is traveling, his/her Baggage gets stolen, lost or any valuable item gets damaged or stolen. In such a situation, this coverage comes in handy and provides coverage to that person.

What types of damages does this coverage provide coverage for?

  • ‌Loss Or Theft Of Goods
  • ‌Valuable Item Coverage
  • ‌Damage To Goods
  • ‌Coverage While Traveling

Coverage Limit:

Be sure to know about the loan limit. You must be aware of your coverage limits. Eligibility limits are set for baggage and personal effects. Because it is a part of your policy amount. You will get the same amount as mentioned in your policy. If your loss exceeds the limit amount, you will not receive coverage.

Documentation for Claim Process:

You wish to claim your lost luggage and personal belongings. For which you are required to have some relevant documents. So that your claim can be approved. You have to submit your documents properly and fill in all the information correctly so that your claim approval can be done quickly. What the company may demand from you for the claim process.
  • ‌Photographic Evidence
  • ‌Police Report
  • ‌Proof Of Travel
  • ‌Receipts and Invoices
  • ‌Travel Insurance Policy

4. Emergency Support Services

Emergency Assistance Services This is a very important service that IATI Insurance provides.
The insurance company, therefore, offers emergency services to the passengers including 24/7 emergency assistance. The passengers can get more support and services even in critical circumstances.

There are some types:

  • ‌Medical Assistance
  • ‌Emergency Communication
  • ‌Travel Arrangements
  • ‌Legal Assistance

5. Adventure Sports Coverage

This particular coverage is specially made for travelers who are, explorers and sports enthusiasts.
Passengers get unique facilities in this situation. The need for improved treatment of injuries and accidents resulting from adventure activities.
If an incident occurs that causes injury to passengers, a serious problem arises. Therefore this cover provides special coverage to the passengers.

What types of sporting activities coverage do you get?

  • ‌Bungee Jumping
  • ‌Snowboarding
  • ‌Scuba Diving
  • ‌Skydiving
  • ‌Mountaineering
You get medical expense coverage if you engage in extreme sports activities that involve a concussion.

Coverage Limit:

When you take a traveler insurance policy, your policy offers a coverage option for sporting activities, and each policy has a different coverage limit. Be sure to know about the terms and conditions of your policy.
If you suffer a loss that exceeds your policy amount, you will not be able to get coverage for it.

What to do to get IATI Travel Insurance?

What to do to get IATI Travel Insurance
Some tips to take IATI Travel Insurance, following which you can take IATI Insurance.

Visit the IATI Website:

Visit the official website of IATI Travel Insurance. For this, you can use any web browser.

Select Plan:

According to the website, you will be offered a variety of travel insurance plans, choose the one that meets your needs and choose the plan that best suits your trip.

Generate Quote:

Whatever plan you are choosing, click on the plan after which you have to generate the quotation by providing details about your journey such as
  • ‌Travel Destination
  • ‌Travel Details
  • ‌Your Details

Learn About Coverage Options:

Know your plan's coverage Read your policy term carefully. See what type of coverage you get and learn about their limitations.

Provide You Details:

Provide your travel details such as your name address contact number travel details etc. Fill in all the details asked of you.

Make Payment:

If you are satisfied with the plan and coverage you have chosen, you will need to make payment to get your policy. You will get various payment options like credit, net banking, and any other payment option that you can choose as per your choice.

Get Your Documents:

After making your policy payment you can download your policy documents and save them. It is very important to save these documents. Because you may need it to make an insurance claim if any incident occurs.


If you think IATI Travel Insurance is okay and trustworthy for you, consider it for your trip. Nevertheless, it is important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of their policy and choose the one that is the most suitable for your travel needs. Besides, you may also think about other options before choosing a selection that will make you happy and confident. IATI Travel Insurance is a top insurance provider with a long tradition in the travel industry. Their expertise and skills make them a trustworthy choice.

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