How To Create A Budget For beginners In 2024 Best Tips

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If you also want to make a budget and you are absolutely new to making a budget, then what things do you have to keep in mind you can also save by making a budget. Because often when a person does a job, when he starts earning, he wants to save his money so that he can do something for his family, and fulfill his dreams. 
That is why I am going to tell you rules that will help to save and having made it you can save. how to create a budget for beginners in 2024 Best Tips

how to create a budget for beginners in 2024 Best Tips

1. Consider your income first

How much does your company earn, and how much do you earn in a month, summing up all the part-time freelancing jobs you perform?

Some sources of income:

Business Income
If you do business, then you get money from business.
Freelance Work
If you do freelance work, then the money you get from freelance work.
Government Job
If you do a government job, then the money you get from a government job.
Room Rent
If you rent your room to someone, then you can earn money from it without doing anything.
Also, add up all the income sources: Well, how much money do you earn monthly; then, consider all these sources and explain how you need to save money from it. Learn about it.

2. Add up your expenses

There are many types of expenses: There are many Types Of Expenses:
  • Water bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Internet bill
  • Grocery expenses
  • Insurance
  • Emergency expenses
  • Clothing expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Travel expenses
  • Loans
Add up all these expenses with the monthly income
. Apart from this, whatever other expenses you have, you have to add them all and see how much money you have left. Plan how much money you will save from that. You have to make a budget for them. You know how to make a budget.

3. How to make a budget 

To make any budget, you first have to add your monthly income. For example, suppose your monthly income from all your income sources is $5000. From this, you have to add all your expenses, after which you will know how many dollars will be left with you and how you will save. Monthly income = $5000
Add up the expenses
  • Grocery expenses $50
  • Transportation: $50
  • Internet bill $25
  • Water bill $30
  • The insurance policy costs $25
  • Eating out: $100
  • Loan EMI $50
  • Entertainment: $100
  • Clothes: $1000
Emergency expenses: $1000
  • $1000+$1000+$100+ $100+$50+$50+$25+$30+$25+$50= $2430
  • $2430
  • $5000- $2430 = $2570
$2570 which you can save. So make a budget and if your expenses are more than your budget then reduce your expenses.

4. Limit the goal

Limiting the goal is very important because if you make a goal then you can start saving according to it and achieve your goal.

Make a goal:

  • If you want to go on a vacation then make a goal for it.
  • If you want to buy your dream house then make a goal for it.
  • If you want to fulfill any of your dreams then make a goal for it.
  • If you want to travel internationally then make a goal for it.
  • If you have taken a loan then make a goal to repay it.
If you make a savings goal in this way then you can start saving according to that goal if you save $2000 in a month then in the next three months you will be able to save $6000. In this way, you will be able to save.

5. Reduce unnecessary expenses

You will not be able to save due to unnecessary expenses. Because you waste your money here and there then you will not be able to save. To save money, you should avoid unnecessary expenses. If you want to save money, you have to reduce unnecessary expenses like
Eating outside: Make a habit of cooking at home. This will keep you away from market food and will keep you healthy, eating outside can be expensive, your expenses can be high, and eating outside can have a bad effect on your health.
Shopping: Reduce your shopping expenses, frequent shopping wastes money, reduce buying new clothes and gadgets, and save your money. Do not shop without reason: If you go shopping and buy something, first know whether it can be useful for you and if that thing is useful for you, then only buy it. For this, adopt a simple strategy, make a budget according to which you add all your expenses and reduce your unnecessary expenses. Do not waste your money on things like entertainment, and fun.

6. Use a budgeting tool

Many tools help you track your expenses and create savings plans. These can be very handy because you can record your expenses directly from the phone and attempt to monitor them from home. Some popular apps you can use.
  • GoodBudget
  • PocketGuard
  • YNAB
  • Mint
Technical characteristics The apps chosen should be simple to use.
Some tool apps are free and some are paid, so choose a tool app you can afford. If you want to use a free app, choose that one. If you need different features, you can add them to your tool. Benefits of using a budgeting tool
It allows you to track your expenses. You can create a savings plan. You can be motivated to achieve your goal. With the help of these apps, you can view and monitor your budget in one place


It is often seen that new people are confused about budgeting, they do not understand how they can make their budget. If you are new to shaving and you want to make a budget, then for this you have to keep some things in mind and follow them so that you can successfully make a budget and achieve your goals. I have discussed above what you should do, by reading and applying which in your life you will be able to make a good budget.

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