Handicap Car Rental: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Car (2024)

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Handicap Car Rental: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Car (2024)
Handicap Car Rental: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Car (2024)Handicap Car Rental
Vehicles that are specifically obstructed according to the requirements of handicapped people are rented by the car agency.
In which handicapped people can travel safely and get more facilities.
Special facilities are provided in these cars. Hand Control Gas Brake Seat Customized Wheelchair Ramp etc.
Handicapped people can rent these vehicles and meet their needs.
Follow My Tips For Handicap Car Rental.

Follow My Tips For Handicap Car Rental.

#1. Find Specialized Car Rental Agencies.

Find Specialized Car Rental Agencies
Find a specialist disabled car and agency that can meet your needs and understand your situation so it can benefit you.
  • Search online
  • Which can meet your needs.
  • Contact us.
  • Accept the car rental terms and conditions.

#2: Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features
These facilities are especially given to those who are disabled. These features are very beneficial for people who have difficulty walking. So that they can get better facilities. Let us know about some of these special features.

Hand Control

The hand control feature is specially designed for disabled persons to provide them special assistance while driving the car.
  1. ‌Hand Controlled Gas
  2. ‌Hand Control Brake
  3. ‌Hand Brake Light

Wheelchair Ramp

  • The wheelchair ramp facility is quite important for handicapped car rental persons. Car rental agencies provide these facilities.
  • ‌A wheelchair ramp allows a person to enter the taxi safely and easily.
  • ‌Safely installing wheelchair ramps to vehicles. So that the passenger does not face any problems, he can use it easily.
  • ‌Easy access to the wheelchair ramp. So that passengers can take the wheelchair ramp into the vehicle.

‌Swivel Seats

Revolving seats are very important for a disabled person and prove to be very beneficial for the disabled person. Any disabled person renting a car can start their journey comfortably with Swivel seats as the seat rotates 360 degrees, allowing the passenger to change the direction of their chair from one place.
‌By sitting on these seats, it can be rotated up to 360 degrees.
‌The driver can change his seating position without the assistance of any person. and continue your journey ‌swivel seats can be controlled by drivers, some with manual buttons and some with battery controls.

#3. Driving License Requirements.

Driving License Requirements
A Handicapped person may require some other documents like a driver's license to rent a car which are discussed below.

Driving License

  • A driving license is very important because it proves that you are capable of driving.
  • And the driving license fulfills the legal conditions.

Driving History Experience

Some handicapped car rental agencies ask for driving history. Who makes sure that you are a good driver.

Handicap Proof Certificate

It is necessary for you to have a handicap certificate so that your handicap can be confirmed. Fill out your form for a Handicap Certificate at the Handicap Office.

Handicap Medical Certificate

Handicap Medical Certificate which is given to you by the doctor in which it is confirmed that you are handicapped and in what form you are handicapped.

Address Your Identity

You may need your ID to show where you live.
and for your identification such as your passport document showing your photograph and age.

#4. Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

An important part of your car rental is to check the insurance coverage you get to make sure you get what coverage you get. Insurance coverage can take different types. I have discussed some of the insurance coverages below.

Hospital Medical Protection Insurance

If any road accident occurs. In such a situation, hospital medical insurance provides you protection. In this, apart from hospital expenses and medicines, you get protection from all other hospital expenses.

Handicap Equipment Coverage

Handicap equipment coverage is very important for people and can be quite beneficial. Equipment coverage is meant to protect a handicapped person's equipment.
This coverage provides assistance for the handicapped person's lost equipment and their repair.

Handicap Rental Car Coverage

Rental car coverage plays a very important role for people with disabilities. This coverage provides protection in case of rental car theft, car damage, car objection, etc. This coverage works to keep passengers' travel safe.

#5.Understanding Rental Car Rules And Regulations.

Understanding Rental Car Rules And Regulations
It is essential to understand the terms and conditions of the rental car
Different car rental agencies have their own terms and conditions that you need to follow. There are certain terms and conditions that all rental car agencies have.

Age Range

Many car rental agencies have an age limit for a person with a disability. If you are within that age limit then you are eligible to rent a car.

Disability Certificate

For disabled car rental, car rental agencies may ask for a disability certificate from the disabled person that shows the physical disability of the disabled person. The agency may ask for disability certificate as proof.

Driving License

Disabled car rental agencies may require a disabled person to have a driver's license before renting a car, and the person must have a driver's license to ensure that you meet the car agency's rules and that the trip remains safe.

#6.Car Test Drive

Car Test Drive
A car test drive is an essential step. So that you can select a good and right car for your journey. Every disabled car rental agency allows test drives so that the disabled person can understand their needs and the driving principles of the car. What should you keep in mind during a test drive?

Brake And Accelerator Control

It is very important to understand the brake and accelerator controls in a disabled parent's car because the brakes and accelerator in a disabled rental car may also be controlled by hand. Some cars also have pull-push brake levers.

Swivel Seats

The swivel seats prove to be very beneficial for handicapped persons as they can rotate 360 ​​degrees from their position. If you take a car on rent, then definitely check its swivel seats whether it is working properly or not.

Vehicle Meeting The Requirements

Take the time to test drive Be sure to understand the requirements of your car, and confirm with whoever you are renting the car from, that it has everything you need.
Such as
  • ‌Rotating Seats
  • ‌Wheelchair Ramp
  • ‌Hand Control Quick Brake
  • ‌Some Other Facilities

#7.Car Refund Policy

Car Refund Policy
Car Return Policy If you rent a car, you must return it on time. For this, there are certain conditions in the car return policy of various car rental agencies that you have to fulfill while returning the car.

Vehicle Status

The condition of the vehicle must be clean and safe if you return the rental car to the agency safely. Without any loss. And you will not have to pay any fee.

Extra Pay for Car Return

First of all, you have to check whether you have to pay any fee while returning the car or not.

Document Needed

At the time of car return, the car agency may ask for some documents like your driver's license, your identification ID, your signatures, and some other documents that may be important for you in the car return.

#8. True Value Of Car Rental

True Value Of Car Rental
Disabled car rental can be more expensive than a normal car rental. Different car agencies have different prices. For this, you should compare the car rental prices of different car rental agencies and choose the one which is cheaper and beneficial for you. Keep the following things in mind while renting a car.

Choose a care

  • Choose a good car as per your requirements. Prices for handicapped cars vary. Handicap cars come in both SUV and sedan variants.
  • An SUV may be worth more than a disabled car.
  • Whereas the price of a sedan car may be slightly less.
  • You choose the car according to your needs.

Special Features

There are many facilities available in a rented car which are very beneficial for a disabled person like revolving seats, wheelchair ramps, hand control race accelerate brakes but all these equipments make the car rental price high.

Car Rental Time

Depending on how long you want to rent a car and how far you plan to travel, the price of a car may be higher if you plan to make a longer trip.

#9.Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact
Contact the rental car agency in case of an emergency. If you have any problem related to your car, then in such a situation you can contact your car rental agency and get help.

Rental Car Agency Emergency Contact Number

The rental car agency provides you with an emergency contact customer number through which you can contact the car agency for assistance with any car-related issues.

Online Chat Facility

Many car rental agencies offer online chat facilities. Through this, they provide assistance to their customers through online chatting and solve the problems of their customers. And provide better service.

#10. Online Car Booking

Online Car Booking
Handicap-online car booking. What needs to be done to get a handicapped car rental?

Car Rental Websites

Visit an online handicapped car rental website to get information and select your needs. Get information about car rental prices, disabled car equipment, etc and you can also book a car online.

Chose A Good Car

Choose a vehicle that suits your needs and in which you can travel comfortably. In which you get handicap special features. You can choose any car according to your need like an SUV or Sedan.

Go Directly To The Car Rental Agency

  • If you do not want to book a car online, if you are facing any problem in booking a car online, then you can go to your nearest car rental agencies and know the details of the car and rent it.
  • You can also rent a car through your call. For this, you can book a car by calling the contact number of the rental agency.

Pay For Rental Car

  • You can make online payments for the online rental car, in this you get various payment methods, through credit card, net banking, and online payment method, you can pay through any payment method as per your wish.
  • Once your payment is complete, you will receive a payment receipt which you must download as proof of your successful payment.


I've discussed the issue of handicap car rentals above.
Which can be very beneficial for you.
If you like the information given by us which can help you then leave your lovely comment in the comment box below, we will be very happy.
If you have any questions on this topic, please comment in the comment box below, we will definitely answer them after reading your comment.


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